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NEW audio interview with Derric Miller from HardRockHaven - to listen, click here:

For HardRockHaven's review of the new "Ron Keel: The Ultimate Collection Double CD" Click here:


LIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW: "Lunchtime With Ira - Live from the Las Vegas Hilton" - May 14 2007 - to listen, click here:

LIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW FROM FRIDAY JANUARY 12 2007 - to download, click here:

Transcript of an actual phone interview, not an exchange of e-mail questions & responses - thus much more natural, and sometimes more personal. Posted November 16 '06. Click on the banner.

A candid and hopefully entertaining discussion with Wayne "Doobie" Dubay from - posted August 29 '06. Click on the banner.


Audio Interviews (listen on line)

HardRockHaven -  April 2004:

Amplified Radio - June 2005:

The Tour Bus  Radio Show - July 2000:


Web-zine Interviews:







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Alone At Last (The CD):

Alone At Last Solo Acoustic Tour: