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Borderline Productions

Borderline Productions is a new venture that enables me to work with other artists in addition to representing all aspects of my personal career, as an individual and as the leader of my band IronHorse.

After two decades in the business as an artist and songwriter with extensive experience in management, promotion, booking, music production, video production, publicity, and most other facets of the industry, I'm enjoying the challenge of putting my experience and knowledge to work for these artists.  The goal is to provide quality management and representation to those on the Borderline roster and devote our efforts to bringing their talents to audiences and listeners everywhere.

Tracey Janelle is a fiery new country-rock vocalist, and John Edwards is a brilliant singer/songwriter and longtime friend (some fans may recognize the name - we wrote the IronHorse track "Dancing With The Devil" together). They both have the talent, drive, energy,  and commitment that I have always demanded from myself and others I work with, and I'm excited to be a part of their careers
as their destiny unfolds.

Please check out their web sites and listen to their music:

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Tracey Janelle       John Edwards


Borderline Productions
1116 West 7th Street, #235
Columbia, Tennessee 38401

note: we are not accepting unsolicited material at this time