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I have endeavored to compile a comprehensive collection of lyrics to songs
that I have recorded throughout my career.
Some I wrote, others I didn't. Credit is given where credit is due.
Some pages include footnotes of interest.
Just click on the song title.

Chapter One
"Cold Day In Hell"
"Backseat Driver"
"No Way Out"
"Hot On Your Heels"
"On The Rox"
"Down To The Wire"
'Born To Rock"

Chapter Two
KEEL: Lay Down The Law
"Thunder And Lightning"
"Lay Down The Law"
'Speed Demon"
'Princess Of Illusion"
'Born Ready'
'Metal Generation'
'Till Hell Freezes Over"
'Tonight You're Mine'
'Let's Spend The Night Together'

Chapter Three
KEEL: The Right To Rock
"The Right To Rock"
"Back To The City"

Chapter Four
KEEL: The Final Frontier
"The Final Frontier"
"Rock & Roll Animal"
"Because The Night"
"Here Today Gone Tomorrow"
"Arm And A Leg'
"Raised On Rock"

Chapter Five
KEEL: Keel
"United Nations"

Chapter Six
KEEL: Dudes
"Rock And Roll Outlaw"

Chapter Seven
KEEL: Larger Than Live
"Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty"

Chapter Eight
FAIR GAME: Beauty & The Beast
"Beauty & The Beast"
"Keep It Up"
"Street Of Broken Dreams"

Chapter Nine
RONNIE LEE KEEL: Western Country
"My Horse Is A Harley"

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven
SABER TIGER: Project One
"I'll Still Be Loving You"
"Hard Wire"

Chapter Twelve
KEEL: Keel VI - Back In Action
"Back In Action"
"Reason To Rock"

Chapter Thirteen
THE RAT'LERS: Thick As Thieves
"Redneck Radio"
'Show On The Road"

Chapter Fourteen
'Run For The Border'