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by Zlozower
I have had the good fortune to share a two-decade-long friendship and working relationship with THE greatest Rock Photographer of all time, Neil Zlozower. When anybody in the industry wants the best, this is the guy they call - when they made the movie "Rock Star" and needed the real deal to be in the film, this is the guy they called.

Zlozower has taken classic shots of most of my bands from Steeler to IronHorse, and some of that work is proudly displayed here.

My solo shot from the STEELER album session


Zlozower captured KEEL live for "The Final Frontier" album

rare shot of the "Larger Than Live" line-up
l-r: Tony Palmucci, Scott Warren, RK, Dwain, Kenny

FAIR GAME, shot on the rooftop of Zlozower's studio in Hollywood

My solo shot from Zlozower's rooftop. Autographed 8x10s of this one are available at the

IronHorse 2001

Affectionately known as "Zloz" (prounounced "Zloze") Neil's gallery is a who's who of rock's greatest and a collection of unforgettable images of rock n roll history. I heartily encourage you to visit his web site ( by clicking on this button: